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SPS Lanka Pvt. Ltd. is your premier destination for personalized travel and tour experiences in Sri Lanka. With a passion for exploration and a commitment to exceptional service, we specialize in crafting memorable journeys that cater to every traveler’s needs. Whether you seek cultural immersion, adventure, or relaxation, our expert team ensures seamless travel arrangements and unforgettable experiences across Sri Lanka. Discover the beauty of our island paradise with SPS Lanka Pvt. Ltd


"SPS Lanka Travel and Tour Company's mission is to make travelers' lives the most amazing, spiritual and record-breaking environments by providing the world's finest travel experiences."


"To provide our customers with a comfortable, safe and elegant travel experience, providing travel and tourism services in accordance with policies and standards, creating the highest level of customer satisfaction and reliability.

Corporate history

SPS Lanka Travel and Tour Company was started in 2015 as a unified and reliable travel service providing unique travel experiences in Sri Lanka. In the beginning, our primary objective was to provide high standards of service to foreign and local tourists who are interested in traveling to explore Sri Lanka's natural beauty, traditional culture, and heritage. Primary Growth: During the initial years, our team built trust and goodwill through excellent travel advice, experience, and hospitality. We introduced several tour packages in the very first year, which included a variety of regional tours, pilgrimage tours, and literary tours. Growth and Innovation: Based on the various tourist needs, we have moved forward year by year, adjusting our services. Our travel packages include new technological updates, professional guides, and exclusive itineraries, Providing personalized services based on all the needs of the travelers has been the key to our success. Future view: With our performance of constantly upgrading our travel services and maintaining them with the latest principles, we continue to aim to be known as SPS Lanka Travel and Tour Company as an exceptional travel service in the world.

Ella Homestay
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Lahiru JayampathiLahiru Jayampathi
13:19 08 Feb 24
Sahasra ManaharaSahasra Manahara
09:44 01 Sep 23
Arazov RuslanArazov Ruslan
16:05 25 Feb 20
Sriganesh LokanathanSriganesh Lokanathan
16:13 22 Feb 20
Pasindu SanilkaPasindu Sanilka
14:52 30 Jan 20
Very nice place & good foods.Services are best..
Ramanath SajeeRamanath Sajee
10:00 07 Aug 19
Many people there so someone not like
Anna BuntenAnna Bunten
19:07 03 Mar 19
We stayed at Saman’s house with his son. His family were so friendly and kind. The view from his house is opposite side of the valley where the famous train weaves it’s way through tea plantations. Just breathless. It’s a tuk tuk rose here but not expensive and a world apart from the noisy, busy central tourist streets of Ella, which are interesting for a visit but best avoided if you want to get some peaceful sleep. The accommodation is budget, clean, comfortable and staying here was a real pleasure.

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